Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well we've got another item crossed off our list.
Visit Pirogovo.
It's pronounced Pirahgovah. It's a museum displaying different villages & dwellings in Ukraine throughout the years. And it just so happens to be the biggest open-air museum in the world. We checked multiple websites. It's not a lie.
Erika and her Ukrainian host sister Maria and I went today.
It was absolutely beautiful. 
Never mind that it was about 1 degree, and all my limbs were basically blocks of ice dangling off of my torso, and I'm only now beginning to truly warm up. But really, it was gorgeous. Let me show you in photos.

I made a cat friend.

Here's a map.

Here's where we walked.

Here's a small cottage made of stone.

And these weird things are beehives. Neat eh??

There was also a modern-ish section. And I say ish because the inside looked pure Soviet.


These mills were my favorite.
With the grey sky and the light fog in the distance?


This blue house was from the 17th century.
We couldn't figure out how it got so blue.

Maria found this neat thing

Don't worry, we've stepped out to Ireland. BRB.

Magical or what?
That place would be so fun in the summer. But I am kind of glad we went now cause that cloudy wintry foggy-ness just kills me. We loved it.

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