Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween's not over til we say it's over.

Today was Halloween party time for my el. 6 boys. Completely hilarious. Every minute of it. They are crazy.
Honestly. I can't wait to have my own 10-year-old kid someday. They're the funnest humans ever.

First we wrapped some mummies.
Funniest dang thing I've ever seen.

Mike gave up wrapping Tyoma's legs and Tyoma ended up with a toilet paper neckbrace.
I'm dying just looking at these. 
They got me too.

Then we did some more of this.

And some more of this.

These 2 pals are the only ones who remotely dressed up.
Although Denn had some Halloween masks stashed in his pocket that he shared.
We asked them what their costumes were and they said "We're just two Illias." 
Good enough.

Then they kept begging to play duck duck goose.
Except they called it duck duck hotdog.
So we played for about 20 minutes and they kept picking me and they ran me halfway to Timbuktu. Wore. Me. Out. 
Their variations got really creative. Such as 
Pizza, pizza, garbage
Devil, devil, God
Citizen, citizen, Hollywood star
Ukrainian man, Ukrainian man, American girl
Justin Beiber, Justin Beiber, Selina Gomez

My mom brought over lots of American candy for us and I'm sure I gave them way too much.
Illia even told me it was the best day of his life because he got to eat candy without his parent's permission.

Oh. And I dressed up as space. I don't think they got it completely. Butwhatevers.

This was the best day.
Happy, happy Halloween. 

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