Thursday, November 1, 2012


So begins a chronological virtual tour of our adventure through Europe. HUZZAH.
We hopped right on a plane to Germany at the crack o' dawn on Monday morning. We had a layover in Riga, Latvia of all places and got ourselves a hot chocolate. Just so we can say we had a hot chocolate in Latvia, pretty much. It sounds dang impressive and you know it. Plus it was foamy and delicious. 

When we got to Munich we donned our mittens and billowy scarves and found our way out of the mazelike train station and got to our hotel. But the night was young, so we headed straight out to the city square and found ourselves 1. In front of this striking Gothic building which turned out to be the old city hall of Munich and 2. In shopping heaven. So we stared at the city hall in the dark with the full moon behind it utterly transfixed, as you can imagine, by the immensity of how Gothic and Halloweeny it looked and then made a beeline straight for H&M. We don't mess around.
Then went to Hofbrauhaus - an amazing authentic German restaurant where there's boisterous singing and all the bratwurst & sauerkraut you could dream of. Pure German. It was SO GOOD.
We came back to the city center the next say so here are some pictures in the light. All the buildings were so old and beautiful.

We also went to Viktualien Market near the city square. Such a cool open market with the best food. My mom and I are the biggest foodies, you guys. You have no idea. We were dying over the cheese. WHY DOESN'T AMERICA HAVE AMAZING CHEESE? I shall ponder it til my days end! 

We then got on a train to go to Prague and watched the most gorgeous and quaint German countryside with the Hansel and Gretel cottages fly past us out the window. I absolutely loved Germany. Even just this tiny little taste of it. I'll be coming back someday. Maybe...permanently. :>

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