Sunday, November 4, 2012

P P Poland.

We drove from Prague to Poland which as you might imagine was an adventure in itself. But even when we got off track it made for some pretty swell sightseeing. We happened to be traveling on All Saints Day so every graveyard we passed was filled to the brim with candles and flowers. Super neat. And look at this dreamy foggy country road. I can't get over it.

We made it to Krakow, finally. Pretty late though so we didn't do much except eat what honest to goodness may have been some of the best food of my entire life at this cute restaurant. Prime.
The next morning we hit the city square. Cause that's just what we do. We went to 4 city squares in 4 huge cities in 4 different countries in a 5 day period. Seriously. Fantastic or what.

Then we stumbled upon a castle on a hill cause you know, that's just what happens in Europe.

Another amazing cathedral. All the tops were different and I loved it.

View from the castle.
Then we shopped for Polish Pottery which may or may not have been the biggest reason my mom was excited to come to Poland. Hah hah!
But really. Isn't it beautiful though.

I lurved that snail more than anything.

I LOVED KRAKOW. One day was def not enough time there. GOOD THING I'm going back with the girls in a mere two weeks time!! YES. 

Actually, the time we spent in each city was just not enough. Just the smidgen of what we saw has left me itching to come back and explore with lots and lots of time. 
Ya know, I'd try to tell you what my favorite place was but each one was so different and wonderful I just don't KNOW! Maybe, just maybe, it was Munich but the other two are real close.
I'm so so glad my mum got to come here and we got to go on this adventure together. 
She's the bomb. 
No matter what we do, we always make it a party. This week was no exception. 
Thanks mum. XO

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