Sunday, November 25, 2012


Beautiful L'viv.
That's what people say whenever they talk about L'viv. So we had to go. We worked it out that we could stop there on the way to and from Poland. Killed two birds with one stone. It's our motto. We're masters of efficiency.

Mmm. Sleeper trains. Even better this time around cause surprise! There were no doors. Just people out sleeping everywhere. 
We saw one dude who was straight up nakey with his legs sprawled wide and just his sheet over his middle. It was a little shocking.
And rumor has it that a certain someone in our group took numerous awkward/hideous photos of us sleeping.
If they end up on Facebook.. Heads may roll.

We made it to L'viv groggy as can be at 7 am in pitch darkness. Fun right? We may have hung out in the warm and WiFi accessible establishment of McDonald's for a few hours. Don't judge. When the sun came up we did stuff I swear.

We went in some neat churches.

We had famous L'viv hot chocolate... In L'viv!! It was divine.

This here tall thing looks like a pointy sword from the side so it has earned from us the nickname "the blade of zombie death". And that there is the poet Shevnchenko. The Ukrainians love their poets.

Found the opera house.

My favorite part of the trip. We ate at the Three Broomsticks. A Harry Potter themed restaurant in L'viv, Ukraine. How rad is that. 

I didn't get very good pictures of the inside cause my camera didn't have a flash. But it was perfect. They let us wear Gryffindor cloaks while we ate and we tried on the Sorting Hat. We were absolutely geeking out.

We had loads of fun. Although we ran out of things to do on the second day we were there and would have rather spent another day (or 5) in Krakow, I'm so glad we went.

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