Sunday, September 30, 2012


We just got back from the greatest weekend vacation in Odessa which is a coast town on the Black Sea. I love Kiev, but there is something about little quaint beach towns that just gets me right in the heart. I would be the happiest girl in the world to live in a little town like that. Trees galore, statues and parks everywhere, adorable cafes on every corner, gelato/popcorn/belgian waffle stands, people out walking, coffee smell, carnival-y night life, light sea breeze, GAH! I love Odessa. And PS, our group of girls could not be more perfect. Such a jolly time was had by all. Totes def.

I'm going to try really hard not to overload you with pictures. I actually didn't take too many cause I was planning on just stealing them from the other girls. So here's what I've got.

We took a sleeper train Wednesday night to get there. It was bumpy, lurchy, small and a thousand degrees. But it was still a super neat experience!  
Afton, Alisha and I had a random lady in our compartment..heh heh. She was a nice travel companion actually. She showed us how to do everything. So of course as thanks we creeped on her.
Here's our hostel! It was adorable and nice and all 12 of us slept in one room.
Thursday after we got there we went to the Black Sea for a little while.
Yes mom, I absolutely did put my feet in!
Some of the girls were brave. 
The next day we all got pretty little tarts for breakfast.

Walked through a park..

Seriously. Look at this picture. There's a beautiful garden, an amazing fountain, a sweet building in the back, a Ukrainian flag blowing in the light wind, 70 degrees, church bells ringing off in the distance, sitting on a park bench in ODESSA UKRAINE...what?? We all had a 'life just doesn't get much better' moment.
I rubbed this guy's nose for good luck. 
Then we ate at this cafe called chokoladnitsia. Chocolate all day e'ry day 
To die for.
Heaven? Yeah. (Lviv chocolate factory again)
Then Friday night we saw a real Ukrainian ballet!!! We saw Sleeping Beauty. Very lovely.
The inside was unreal 
Pit orchestra
Then yesterday (Saturday) we spent almost all day at the Black Sea. We had a picnic and some of the girls full on swam. Kylie and I and our stunna shadez
Love these ladies
Duck faces. Necessary.

There you have it. Tomorrow I'll have story time. Our splendid vacation was not without surprises. Goodnight lovely humans!! XOXO


  1. Love it all! Looks amazing! Glad you got your feet in. My fav pic is the one with "the look"!!!

  2. Dear cannot possibly overwhelm us with pics. I liked the "random" lady on the train. Looks like an Ukrainian oma. Bet she loved being with you girls. Thanks for posting, I just love it!!