Sunday, September 9, 2012

The abode.

My host family just moved into this apartment a month ago and it's brand new! Everything is so nice. They live on the fifteenth floor so the view is just grand. Here's a little tour of my abode for the next few months. PS I took these pictures with my tablet so that's why they are poor quality/so crooked. 

Front entryway
Lack of kitchen. They are having their real kitchen installed on Monday. So exciting! Tanya has been cooking everything in a rice cooker! When they get their real kitchen I'm going to try to cook them an American dinner. And by American I mean probably Mexican food.
My room! I share with 4-year-old Maria. She has the biggest room in the house.
Maria's kitchen. And vacuum, and little functional washing machine. I would have gone crazy  with this stuff when I was little.
Mine and Maria's beds. My bed folds out.
View from my room
Hello Kitty clock, so cute!!
Living room area, still with moving boxes!
Little office space
 View out the door in the office onto the tiny porch. I love it.
I am really lucky to live in such a nice apartment. Also some girls have to travel an hour and a half to get to their schools and I only have to travel about a half an hour. It's super great.

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