Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This week's bits.

The most exciting news I have right now is that my mom bought a ticket to come here and see me!! She's coming when we have our 9-day vacation at the end of October. We are going to spend a day exploring Kiev, then we're going to chill in Prague (!!!) for a while and possibly stop into Germany. We'll finish our tour in Krakow, Poland. I couldn't be more excited. To see my mama and to see EUROPE.

I have been teaching my host family all kinds of good n' useful English slang. I enlightened Andre about 'cheesey' the other day. Have you ever tried actually explaining what cheesey means? Without visual aids?? It ain't easy.

Today I went running through the streets of Ukraine and other than inhaling a puff of some lad's cigarette as I flew by it felt soooo good. The weather today is impeccable.

Vova and Yulia took me out on the town again Sunday. They took me to the Pinchuk Art Center first - every two weeks they switch out the art there for all new exhibits. This time we saw tiny versions of sculptures done by Anish Kapoor. He's the dude that made that giant silver bean statue in Chicago. Art is crazy stuff. We also walked through a really pretty park and city center again.

Just the view from our balcony.
This bridge is called 'the Bridge of Love' or something. Couples put locks on it.
View off the bridge of either right or left bank of Kiev...I don't know where I am obviously
This guitar man was crazy good.
Vova and Yulia. Couple of cuties. They are the best.

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  1. I can't wait either(!!!). Indeed, Vova and Yulia look the best! Enjoy!