Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday funday.

Sunday we headed home from Zhytomyr....but the fun wasn't over yet. We stopped at this huge gorgeous park for a few hours and hung out. There were little artisan shops where you could make pottery on a pottery wheel and dolls out of fabric, a playground, and even a petting zoo. I'll show ya in pics.

Pond in the park. Full of koi and all kinds of fish. Maria threw all our snacks in there for the fish to eat.
Tanya and Maria making a doll! (I promise I will eventually get a better picture of them) 
Bunnies and some extraordinary chuckens
What a creature.
 LOOK WHAT I FOUND BY THE PLAYGROUND. He was just sleeping on his ground all alone with his nose   in the dirt, so of course I could NOT resist cuddling him for a while

Apparently lots of Ukrainians here have what are called dochas (dah-cha). They usually have an apartment in the city and a docha out in the country. Tanya and Andre have one but it's not all the way done yet. Anyway, we left the park and went to Tanya's parents' docha a few minutes' drive away. It was beautiful. We drove through the woods and down a little dirt road to get there.

Here's the backyard!
Tanya's dad Boris loves gardening. So many flowers.
Mushroom picking is apparently a big thing here. Tanya's mom had picked these all in the woods!  Then she cooked them for us with onions and cream, holy cow it was good.
Here's Boris, Maria and Maria's friend Anya on that little road we drove down.

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