Saturday, September 1, 2012

A little excursion.

For the past few days we have learned our teaching assignments and requirements and have been work work working on lesson plans and all sorts of prep. So today we took a break from all the stress and confusion before our brains imploded.
Apparently Kiev is just like the Hunger Games. Such as the city is made of 10 districts. And each district specializes in something different. And each year a young tribute is chosen from each district to compete in a pageant of valor in which they have to fight each other to the death. Just kidding about that last bit. But for reals, every year the districts make a huge flower display and they do a big show of it. I'm not sure which district we may have been the district that I live in called Nyvky, which actually specializes in flowers. It's like a garden kind of that you walk through and there are little street vendors everywhere kind of like a fair. So our coordinator Oksana took us to see that. It was neeeeat. Let's take a look in pictures, shall we?

We rode the metro all over town to get there.
This super cool statue is the Protector! It has something to do with WWII. There is a WWII museum inside it that we're going to do someday. The reason we didn't today is because Oksana says it's really sad and wanted us to have a happy day. Hah. Also it apparently stands taller than the Stat of Liberty!
Another WWII statue - the Unknown Soldier
Giant chucken. He must have laid the giant eggs.
Giant eggs.
Another giant egg and a neat view of Kiev in the background. (Fun fact: Kiev is ENORMOUS, but someone's host mom told us that compared to Moscow, Kiev is a puny village. CRAZY)
Lots and lots of people.

Yep. Those are goats.
Some of the girls! (Samantha, Kylie, Afton, Jenna)
Some cool buildings in the city.

Can't wait to see more of this cathedral.

Alas, the result of a lot of walking is a lot of pain.

Don't worry. The next one is worse.

Awesome day. Tomorrow I'll post some pics of our school! PS. I have the sorest throat. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't believe I'm going to be sick on our first day of teaching. It was bound to happen. The amount of germs I've been exposed to the past few days is absurd so no wonder really.

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