Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Made it.

Friends, made it to the Ukraine! The flights were brutal and sweaty and smelly but we made it in one piece. We flew through DC and Frankfurt. I was in three different capitals of three countries in one day! On the flight to Frankfurt I sat next to an Indian dude who kept blowing his nose loudly and picking his earwax and all sorts of nice things. Our coordinators picked us up from the airport in a crazy green bus and took us to our host fams.
A quick rundown: Kiev is huge. There are tall apartment buildings everywhere. ALL the ladies wear super high heels and there are cute stray dogs galore. It's such a neat place.
My host family is great. They live in one of those apartment buildings on the 15th floor so the view is grand. Their names are Tanya and Andre. They have a four year old daughter named Maria and I'm sharing a room with her. A room that is decked out in Hello Kitty. Yes. The food's a little weird. For dinner we had some quiche (egg pie) with raisins in it...never had sweet eggs before. Also cold hot chocolate, cause my host family just recently moved into their apartment and have no kitchen - no stove or oven or anything! Just a fridge. I don't know how we're going to cook for a couple weeks. I did spot some Kinder chocolate in the fridge though so my hope was restored. One thing that sucks is that my host fam doesn't have a cat. I'm sure you're asking how I'm going to survive the next four months cause of that. Couldn't tell you. BUT, I did see a sign outside of a store this morning with a picture of cat food on it and lo and behold a few feet away under the edge of the building was a little orange kitten. I almost died.
We're at the school where we'll be teaching now. To get here I rode the metro and a bus. A few of us are out cold sleeping on the floor right now. I'm about to join them. Jet lag is seriously the worst thing. I have been too tired and lazy to get my camera out to take a lot of pictures so far, but I'm going to try to do a photo a day type thing so I'll get better! Promise.



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  2. Little orange kitten! Oh, sweet!

  3. MALLORY. I love you, and miss you, and I want to see pictures of your host family, and your room, and the apartment building, and the view, and the streets, and the cars, and the non-kitchen, and the food, and your kids, and the girls you're teaching with, and the books and the stores!