Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fat kid day.

We are so exhausted from our first week of teaching. Oksana asked us if we wanted to go do something today but we knew that required effort of some kind, such as walking. So what do you do when you feel lazy as a bag of potatoes? You sit and eat food for hours. That's precisely what we did. To get our hands on some treats though we did go to the huuuuuge supermarket here called Ashan (it's really called something with Cyrillic letters but it sounds like Ashan). It's like Costco minus the bulk food but with added super strong fish smell. Cause there are giant piles of ice with fish of all sizes laid out on it. 

So. Much. Chocolate.
Seriously.. two walls filled with by-the-pound chocolates.
See how that entire wall is unrefrigerated eggs?? Ya. No eggs are refrigerated here. It freaks me out.
A sea of people 
It's so huge the employees wear roller blades to get around.
The result. PS those donuts right there? When I bought them they were still warm.

Then we came back to the school and sat there for literally 3 hours and talked about everyone's love lives. Let's be honest. If that and buckets of chocolate and sugar doesn't bond a bunch of girls, I don't know what does.

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  1. You girls are too KUTE!!! Sorry about the added extreme fish smell - sounds like the endless walls and bins of chocolate and donuts made up for it. Looks like you scored some Polish-style Paczki?