Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alina the great.

Each of the three schools here has its own coordinator. Our coordinator's name is Alina and she is super wonderful. Always tells the kids to behave for me when they're gong crazy and runs around in heels all day getting stuff done for us. This weekend was her birthday. And we found out via Facebook. We rock. Anyways we decided to go get her a cake today at Ashan and surprise her. So we lit all the candles and waited in one of the rooms. Alisha went to her office and said "Alina, there's a problem, we just plugged in the microwave for one second and something happened, we're so sorry, we need you to come see this." So they come running in and maybe Alisha was a little too convincing cause Alina looked totally freaked. Then we all screamed surprise! And started singing and she laughed and laughed. Then we all ate the tiny cake which was the perfect size for the six of us. It was definitely not the same as American cake  and it even had raisins and poppyseeds in it..but it did the job just fine. Basically we made her whole day and it was superb. She's such a sweet lady.


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