Sunday, October 21, 2012

Andriyvskyy & Big Mama.

Basically we are trying to visit every cathedral in this city before we peace out. (Which, by the way, we have FIVE WEEKENDS LEFT here not including vacation weekends. I'm freaking out.) So we decided yesterday morn would be tip top for Saint Andrew's, or St. Andriyvskyy. It's at the top of a big hill (!!!) which is called St. Andrew's descent. Holy moley it was gorgeous. 

In the distance. Looks like the Taj Mahal. 
The hike up the hill.
Thar she blows!
Pictures do not do it justice. It was incredible.
Proof I was here.
The walk back down. The best tourist shopping is here. Just FYI.
I died. There are Belgian waffle stands everywhere here just putting out this heavenly smell that you can't resist. So we got one at the bottom of the hill.

The three of us met up with the rest of the group next and we made our merry way over to the same area where we saw the botanical gardens the first week cause Oksana promised she'd bring us to see the WWII museum there. 

This here is called the Old Kiev Ride. Or something. All these wonderful people dress up in vintage style clothing and ride their adorable beach cruisers and tandem bikes around Kiev. Have you ever heard of a better thing??
This lady and man were really cute.
The weather was all cloudy and foggy and so perfect for the scenery. 

Big Mama!!! The WWII museum is in the bottom of the statue. Once again. Pictures just do not do this justice.

The museum was great. It made me...I don't know if excited is a good word for it...eager? to go to Poland and see more WWII history. I love learning about it. Then we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant in city center. Cause we are all missing Mexican food bad. So check out how they spelled quesadilla.

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