Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have nothing exciting to blog about this week (yet) so how about some cute pictues of my cute kids? Okay cool. 

Besides elementary 6, I also teach elementary 1, basic reading and pre-k. About 28 kids total. It can get cray cray up in here. Like when we're coloring and Liza brings a full cup of water into the room and spills it on the table and it mixes with the markers and all the kids' shirts get tie-dyed. And when Sasha is holding his drinkable yogurt in his mouth and Artem grabs it and rips it out and yogurt covers every surface in a two foot radius. But really. It's so much fun. In the most chaotic way possible.

Elementary 1.

Basic reading.

Cute girls cute girls cute girls
Sophia and Masha. Such cute lil' ladies.
This is Dima. He is def our favorite pre-k kid. Can't you see why?

He's so dang proud of that dolphin. 
Just look at that face. Get in my suitcase.

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