Thursday, October 25, 2012


Ukrainians do not celebrate Halloween, but GEE do they love it. We were not prepared for the holiday spirit. We had our Halloween party for the kids today. And they were DECKED OUT. Full-on witches, pirates, cowboys. It was EXCELLENT. And the party was an absolute blast.
We kicked off our Halloweeny day with making masks with Pre-k. They're the cutest. And were so proud of their craftsmanship.

Dima, Kirill, Diana and Maxim.
At 3:00 the rest of our childrens arrived. We had about 35 kids total at this party. It was hoppin, as you can imagine. We played monster mash freeze dance first.

Afton was the pirate DJ.
See! Look how awesome their costumes are! 

Oh this kid. His name is Oleg - pronounced Alec. He is a complete riot. Just watch for him through these pictures. 
This kid on the left was a mafia gangster. He came in with an enormous gun too. Hilarious. Sasha is the cowboy and Sophia's the pirate. 
And then we tied donuts (weird very un-American Ukrainian donuts) to a string and had the kids eat it without using their hands. I cannot even describe how hilarious this was. I was dying the entire time.

Annja, Masha, Gallya and Sophia. Gallya killed it this round.
Chanting "EAT IT, EAT IT"
Sasha, Masha, Veronika and Artem.
Artem was victorious.
Michelle, Nastya, Sasha and Alec. Many a knicker was flashed. Just look at that enthusiasm.
This kid!!!!! Hahaha. He won.
Then we had a relay. They had to put on these silly bear claws, reach into a bag, grab a baggie, open it, eat whatever was inside and run back. Also super funny.

They are so ready.

THEN we painted their faces and made trick or treat bags:

"Miss Mallory! I want a mustache!" Well of COURSE my dear!
Trick or treating.
Holy moley it was so fun. Next week is fall break so I get to have another Halloween party for my elementary 6 boys the Monday we get back. Yesssssss. I am going to bribe them extensively to make them dress up. I'm ridiculously excited.
After all the kids left today you bet your bottom dollar the six of us teachers laid on the floor and had a donut eating contest. We laughed so hard we cried. Cheers to Halloween.

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  1. I love your posts Mallory! These kids are so cute!