Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kiev quotes.

These are a mere fraction of the gems we concocted on our four month adventure. ENJOY.

Erika: "Maybe you should try these mushrooms?"
Kylie: "Maybe you should go die in a hole?"

Kylie: "Please quote me. I love to be quoted."

Kylie: "These legings are making me sick."

Kylie: "DANGIT!!! I forgot to suck in."

Kylie: "I need a scribe to write all this down and tell me how funny I am at the end of each day."

Mallory: "What are you saying? Speak English."
Elementary 6 boy: "He......wants to know why your hands smell so good."

(Afton, Kylie and I talking about the weather)
Kylie: "Yeah and at my host family's house all the trees are bending over because I don't know why."

"NBD. We'll be going to Mickey D's."

Kylie: "You be judgin', I be slappin'."

Kylie: "GIVE ME YOUR WALLET! I love profiling!"

Jenna: "I could suitcase through Europe, probably not backpack through Europe."

Kylie: "I creep hard. I go big or go home."

"You take a bite, and then baby Jesus is in your mouth."

Kylie: "How do you say more than one duck?"

Primary kid: "My dad is a sit-down crocodile."

Erika: "They're catacombs."
Kylie: "I don't want to see no captain's cones!"

"I could go for some fun."

Cherish: "I'm becoming a Ukrainian dinosaur."

Alexis: "You can't use the bathroom down here because it's like the strobe light from the exorcism."

Cherish: "Petting a lion. Feeding a bear. Jesus."

Mallory: "Holy crap. He is like a movie douche."

Cherish: "Don't play anything romantic. But upbeat. Play Katy Perry!!"

Jenna: "I wonder if we think we're funny and everyone else thinks we're weird."

Cherish: "That's what disappointment feels like. Melted ice cream."

Jenna: "Are you PMSing? Because we're PMSing. That was a serious question!!!!"

Alexis: "Did you just watch a cat explode?"
Jenna: "On accident."

Kylie: "This is warm. That's awkward."

Kylie: "It's a ball. Do you know how easily I could shove that in your mouth?"

Afton, looking at a craft: "Wow, did you guys draw chromosomes today?"
Kylie: "AFTON! Get your mind out of the gutter!!"

"I feel like I could eat the world right now."

"What if we went bowling with hedgehogs?"

Samantha: "Maybe I wanna wear THIS" *hip thrust*

Jenna: "Here comes Hottie McHotHot film: Neville!!"

Taia: "Yeah it's a movie for blind people."
Jenna, in condescending tone: "So it's in SIGN LANGUAGE?"

Jenna: "Sometimes I forget that blind people can talk."

Jenna: "I have too many -ology classes."

Samantha: "We've got the F-word here, feeling right at home."

"Kylie, what seat are you in?"
Kylie: "I don't know. I'm trying to look but my butt is too big."

Cherish: "You BETTER not look at me! You BETTER turn into a cockroach!!"

Random Ukrainian man to Cherish: "Take off your clothes! I MEAN YOUR SHOES!!! TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!!!! I'M SO SORRY!!!"

"My butt is a problem."

Kylie: "All of a sudden we got mobbed by a bunch of chilis!!!!"
Mallory: "Chilis?"
Kylie: "Yeah, you know, people from Chile."

Kylie: "Dimples wanna pret-zel?"

Jenna: "He got your Skype name?! That's like getting your number in international, modern times!"

Jenna: "I want an edible spoon!!.......I guess that would be a chip."

Jenna: "Hey! Don't joke on my tractor!"

Samantha: "I can slither like a snake."
(20 seconds later)
Samantha: "I have no idea why I said that. I can't slither like a snake."

Erika: "Ugh, I have to pull money out."
Samantha: "Tomorrow?"
Erika: "No, out of my wallet."

Jenna: "On the count of three! Five....four....THREE!"

Alexis: "Did you go potty?"
Kylie: "Nah. I went in there, splashed around a little, looked at myself in the mirror, sang a Taylor Swift song..."

Samantha: "You guys, I really think my shoulders get tired from holding my arms."

Samantha: "Don't you think your neck gets tired holding your head up all day??"

Afton: "There's something about being spooned in the back, squished in the front, pressed against a window, screaming Backstreet Boys and bouncing up and down that just makes you say PARTY!"

Cherish: "Can I be your chair?"

Alexis: "Rejoice in the pus."

Erika: "I can't help that I think about dogs all the time."

Tourguide: "What do you think of when I say dungeon?"
Mallory: "Dragons."

Erika: "You can cross the street. If you have a lollipop."

Mallory: "Totes def not a chick."

Mallory in sassy black woman voice: "HEY AUSTRALIAN BOY! Don't tell me you don't miss that Vegemite!!"

Australian boy: "Do you know what bus it is?"
Jenna, in a British accent: "I think it's that one!"

"I NEED to eat a carrot."

Afton: "We're all going to hell."
Kylie: "At least we're going together."

Erika: "That's a damn good question."

Erika: "We're going on three days. My pants are a little baggy."

Kylie: "We were not a 'THING'. I ran into his truck."

"Afton is a walrus."
Cherish: "I rode a smurf."

"There ARE occasions to wear leather fringe pants."
Erika: "Like, we're heading out to Wendy's at 2 AM."

Erika: "I'm still thinking about those leather fringe pants."

"If we pull out this deoderant, all the Ukrainians are going to be like 'What is that????'"

Cherish: "I was focused on Scabbers over here!!"

Erika: "I like when I look bald in pictures."

Cherish: "MOODY!!!!......................TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!"

"People just like hitting my rear end."

"I haven't noticed."
"What else..........haven't you noticed?"

Erika: "Pretty time to go back to America."

Afton looking at delicious food on Pinterest: "I don't know if this sounds good or not."

Kylie: "Why would you spell Alan like that?!!?!"
Erika: "That's.....the normal way to spell Alan."

Kylie: "I'm glad I fell out of a train for you."

"Your butt's what's keeping me warm."

Jenna: "YAY!"
Alexis: "What?"
Jenna: "I dunno."

Samantha: "It hurts down in my groins."

Jenna, in a super condescending tone: "Erika, have you moved this morning?"

"My boob popped up in the Black Sea."

Samantha: "I'm sorry you saw it but I'm not sorry that I was naked."

Alisha: "Suction cuppy."

"I feel like I'm living the thug life."

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