Monday, December 24, 2012


I'm not quite done here, friends. There are just a few more photos, memories and bits for me to share.

First off, I can't believe I've been HOME for 5 days.
I can accurately describe my feelings about it by saying I feel like I'm going through culture shock all over again.
I am baffled by people speaking English around me, and my food having lots of flavors, and by the open spaciousness of not living in a huge city.
It's so odd to be able to walk up to a person and communicate with them.
I still haven't gotten used to being able to use my phone again.
It's also so strange hanging out with people who are not the same 11 ladies I saw pretty much constantly for four months.
And people's lives have been progressing for four months but it mostly just feels like Ukraine was just some marvelous dream. Really like I was asleep for the past four months and I woke up and everyone else's lives were magically four months ahead.

It's so so good to be home; I missed my family and friends and cats and dog and Cafe Rio and big fluffy bed and car and America. But I miss the heck out of Ukraine. It's weird going back to the real world and I miss all my Ukrainian people and that whole other life. I hope everyone has braced themselves for my constant talking about it for a while, because it's happening.

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